Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get asked:

Why should I try to solve the race problem?

Racism started as an ideology constructed in the minds of people. It transformed from an idea to a practice in order to subjugate and exploit people for material gain, wealth, and power. Racism has a direct negative impact on non-white communities.  We should be attempting to make the world a better place. Confronting the problem at the epicenter of many other major issues, it is time to think about how to solve it. Anything put together by people, can be taken apart by people.


What is STRP?

A workshop facilitation organization focused on building community amongst people that are advocates for racial justice. STRP will raise awareness about the negative impacts of systematic racism on non-white communities. These workshops are a part of a larger strategy to fulfill our mission and eliminate racism.


Where are STRP Workshops held?

Workshops will be held in a building/forum of your choice. The workspace that your organization has access to, should comfortably fit all participants. STRP does have access to a workspace to facilitate the sessions if necessary. We bring the workshop to you!


How much does an STRP Workshop cost?

STRP offers competitive prices for training sessions. Workshop facilitators will come with their own graphic organizers, technology, resources, and manipulatives at no additional cost. Package deals are offered below:


Create Your Own Curriculum!

Introduction Package (One workshop) $550

Change Catalyst Package (Two workshops of your choice) $1,000

Justice Advocates Package (Three workshops of your choice) $1,500

Sustainable Solutions Package (Four workshops of your choice) $2,000


Why use STRP?

Our STRP process is designed to offer people of various cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds an opportunity to discuss the issues they experience as a member of that group. These discussions are offered as a guide to solution based dialogue about the unique realities of our collective experience. These shared experiences are to be used as the beginning of a process that will progress into cross cultural/racial/ethnic progress. The STRP process offers participants the opportunity to engage in planning and implementing strategy. STRP workshops present a powerful environment for honesty, understanding, collaboration, and cooperative learning.


Why join an STRP team?

To become part of an ecosystem of justice advocates. With each person dedicated to formulating constructive ways to solve the race problem in an area you are interested in.


What Does STRP have to offer me beyond workshops?

A community of likeminded individuals interested in solving the problem of racism. Conscious information, lectures, presentations, literature, videos, poetry, spoken word, film screenings, think tanks, networking events, music, art etc.