Each workshop is approximately two hours. If necessary, we can adjust any of our workshops to accommodate a shorter time slot. We can also delve into the content deeper if you are able to allocate more time to your STRP experience!

1.) Introduction to Solving The Race Problem

Solving The Race Problem Introduction workshop is an introduction to the historical and modern relevance of the race problem. In this lively, participatory workshop, STRP facilitators will use data, research, and empirical evidence to support the understanding that there is a systematic race problem that needs to be solved. By examining the negative impact racism has on non-white communities, participants will actively engage in shared experiences and root cause analysis to develop solutions. The STRP Introduction workshop provides participants with an analysis that most people find immediately helpful, applicable, and relevant.


2.) Solving The Race Problem Think-Tank

The Solving The Race Problem Think Tank is designed for intermediate advocates of justice with some experience in community activism. The STRP Think Tank is perfect for innovators that need a space to learn and collaborate with likeminded individuals. The STRP Think Tank is the next step to equip participants before they can put their action in place to contribute to solving the race problem. Participants will have supported interactions to develop a plan of action to start transforming their community. The STRP Think Tank training is designed to help individuals and organizations practice reframing problems and determining solutions with a racial equity lens. Using group exercises, it moves participants through a new way of thinking based on a root cause analysis and problem-solving strategic thinking. Participants will be encouraged to take risks in order to change entrenched patterns of systematic racism. This is a space for solutionaries to grow and prosper!


3.) Solving The Race Problem in Education

Solving The Race Problem in Education is designed for teachers and educators. This workshop is a training in cultural competency. This workshop will not only transform classrooms but entire organizations. The workshop generally focuses on the ways racism manifests itself in the classroom through implicit biases. Culturally responsive teaching will improve relationships between teachers and students thus improving instruction. STRP in Education workshop’s purpose is to close the achievement gap by establishing a classroom environment that is culturally welcoming and emphasizes the importance of relationships between people.


4.) Solving The Race Problem in Religion

Solving The Race Problem in Religion will analyze the dichotomy between race and religion. The two have intersected for centuries and that reality will incite some thought-provoking discussions. Although this is a workshop about religion, this is not a religious workshop. The Abrahamic faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism will be examined but none of them will be promoted over the other. This is a critical look at the role religion plays in the life of people and how religion manifests itself within a racial paradigm. We will critique the symbolism, messages, holidays and political influence of religion and it’s impact on the race problem. Paraphrasing something that Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America.” Why do you think that is?

The financial aspect of religious institutions has vastly expanded their sphere of influence. We promote the Black Church Black Bank initiative which is; black churches deliberately adding funds, from black followers, to a black owned bank. The BCBB initiative is intended to directly improve the communities that the religious institution serves.

5.) Black Empowerment Edition

The Black Empowerment Edition workshop focuses on black liberation through decolonizing thoughts, speech and actions. This social justice workshop is educational and practical. Participants are equipped with tools that they can use to empower themselves and their communities to help solve the race problem locally. A historical analysis of racial tension will be used as a framework to conceptualize contemporary problems. This workshop creates an environment to cultivate the goal of eliminating racial oppression by producing constructive outcomes. The Black Empowerment Edition is great for cultural awareness trainings, organizational morale and motivation for social advocacy. This workshop embodies all the elements of black excellence. You will not be enlightened after this process, you will become enDARKend.


6.) Justice Advocates of the Future

Justice advocates of the future is a workshop specifically designed for young scholars from ages 12-18. This is for socially conscious teens that are interested in making meaningful changes in the world. The content is similar to other workshops, with the emphasis on solving the race problem but it is presented in a way that young adults can understand. Career planning, job creation, volunteering, community building and financial literacy.


*Additional online sessions and consultations are available upon request.